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World Headquarters

s4nets won the bid to install the entire network in the newly built world headquarters building for a local manufacturer.   The new five story building houses the client’s assembly and manufacturing facility, contact center, and back office staff.


The client’s network team and s4nets engineers worked together to design the wired and wireless network architecture for the new building.  This included the MDF, nine access switch closets, and connectivity to their co-location provider.  Likewise, the s4nets team reviewed the building plans and performed an assessment to determine the best location for the 110 wireless AP’s throughout the building.  Click here to see further details on the route/switch systems (section III).  A post-implementation RF study was also performed to validate and adjust the AP’s to maximize operational efficiency.  The s4nets team also developed and designed the best solution for firewalls to protect their entire network.  They also designed the voice system and implemented Cisco Communication Manager, IM & Presence with Jabber, Unity, Contact Center Express, Expressway C&E, and Work Force Optimization.


The s4nets team worked with the client’s Project Management team and the construction management team to plan and install the network equipment in the new building in conjunction with all other construction phases.  This meant providing project management and closely coordinating schedules, delivery of equipment, and most importantly the timing of installation so that the client’s team could relocate their staff to the new facilities on time.  The installation and configuration of the hardware was carefully orchestrated between the sub-contractors on the job site and the s4nets engineers.  The s4nets team racked and installed two core network switches along with the 41 network access switches and configured them along with ISE and Prime Infrastructure.  In addition, the s4nets team installed and configured the UCS servers and other software for the voice system.


Unified Communications, Wireless Networks


April 25, 2016