Modern Collaboration

Today’s business environment demands capabilities to communicate and collaborate at any time, from any device, without losing any features or functions. However, there is a fine balance to be achieved between optimal collaboration and creating a bottleneck with team expectations and tools that don’t support the strategy.

The solutions4networks modern collaboration solutions bring your organization together as a fully functional team by focusing less on the infrastructure and more on the experience. Our experts start with understanding your organizational and individual needs and goals, help you understand our four pillars to successful collaboration for your team, design a comprehensive solution to meet those needs and goals, and deliver the solution that meets our high standards of success.

Our team of experts have defined four pillars for your modern collaboration foundation:

  • Productivity
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Customer Journey

Wireless Networks

Networks are platforms for doing business. Increasing productivity is not just about connecting your workforce to the resources they need on demand, but also depends on presenting them with an enhanced media experience and higher performance from applications that increase operational efficiency.

solutions4networks helps clients connect people, businesses, and networks to create a seamless, secure roaming environment for wireless voice, data, and video in one location. Our solutions enable companies to provide secure, reliable, and seamless connectivity to any device at any location. We simplify operations and reduce the total cost of ownership in the process. Specific services include:

  • Networks Assessment and Strategic Planning
  • Network Architecture
  • Mobility Integration and Related Security Assessment
  • Wireless/Wi-Fi Design and Assessment

Network Security

The security perimeter most companies must address and maintain today extends far beyond the physical boundaries of their building(s). Mobility adds another layer to your security needs. Enabling your workforce to access resources and data they need to do their jobs while protecting company assets at the same time is imperative.

The solutions4networks team delivers the hands-on expertise to ensure cloud computing, collaboration, and web applications are securely accessed by your workforce. Our solutions help identify and mitigate the risks inherent in a high-connectivity business environment, and provide greater control and intelligence in coping with emerging global threats. Specific services include:

  • Network Security Assessment/Audit/Design/Compliance/Policy Development
  • Firewall Solution Design & Implementation
  • Security Camera Infrastructure and Related Network Infrastructure
  • PCI Network Readiness
  • HIPPA Readiness
  • SOX Compliance
  • Staff Augmentation & Implementation Expertise
  • Mobility Integration and Related Security Assessments
  • Application Risk Review

Enterprise Networking

Specific services include:

  • Software Defined Networking (SDN)

There are LOTS of companies beating the SDN drum. It always is important to try to distinguish the marketing from reality, and solutions4networks can help you do that.

In regards to WAN design, Carrier WAN services are still an important piece of WAN design, but broadband internet is increasingly available and consistently much cheaper. SDN solutions have helped our clients save money and upgrade their infrastructure.  

Ultimately, packets have to be delivered over a real, physical network. The more you abstract away from that, the more likely you are to introduce sub-optimal traffic pathing. 

Cloud Security

Over the last decade, much time, effort, and energy has been spent developing and deploying organizational network security strategies and practices. As more organizations move some, or all their business operations to the cloud, it is imperative that the same dedication is spent to develop cloud security strategies and practices for the organization and individual access to your cloud environment(s).

Organizations need to fully recognize the responsibility of securing their cloud “environment”. Regardless of what platform an organization chooses to host their cloud environment(s), the organization must realize the security promoted by their host covers the over-arching cloud platform. Organizational security of data, application, and infrastructure still fall on the shoulders of each company for their cloud environments.

The solutions4networks team of security experts works to understand your business, standard policies and practices, and organizational and operational goals. Our team defines a cloud security strategy to ensure you have the same confidence and comfort regardless of the location (on-premise, hybrid, or cloud) of your data, applications, and infrastructure.