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Protecting Your Company Assets in Various Environments

The cybersecurity perimeter most companies must address and maintain today extends far beyond the physical boundaries of their buildings. Hybrid and work-from-home demands continue to stretch and challenge organizations with their security solutions and investments. Mobility adds another layer to your security needs that must be addressed to enable your workforce to access resources and data they need to do their jobs while simultaneously protecting company assets on each employee’s device.

solutions4networks has the hands-on expertise to ensure cloud computing, collaboration, and web applications can be securely accessed by your workforce. Our solutions identify and mitigate the cyber threats inherent in a high-connectivity business environment, and provide network security solutions and intelligence in coping with emerging global cyber threats.

Much like with our Cloud Security practice, our Network Security practice focuses on the same four key pillars:

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Assets and Sensitive Data

A sound network security strategy starts with understanding and controlling the sensitive data stored in your data center. Developing strong, consistent standards for your users assists in keeping your environment secure. From strategy to deployment, ensuring your organization’s assets and sensitive data are accounted for and follow the policies and rules of the organization is the first line of defense for network security.

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Just as with our Cloud Security practice, compliance is an area your organization must focus on to meet security initiatives. Understanding the compliance regulations in place for your organization and any issues you may have with internal policy and procedure compliance are crucial in a security strategy solution. 

Our team works with you to understand the regulations governing your business, identifies areas of concern for internal policy and procedure compliance, develop a cybersecurity solution to meet your needs, and provide recommendations for data security tools to allow you to deploy the correct policies, procedures, and solutions to ensure all compliance requirements are met.

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Whether you are monitoring what is happening in your workspaces or reviewing incident logs pulled from tools in place in your environment, monitoring is crucial to maintaining network security. 

Uncovering potential threats in an active workspace and mitigating the threat or dealing with incidents and executing a robust response plan, monitoring is a key to a sound security posture. Our team supports several platforms that take the guess work and resources out of monitoring.

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As with Cloud Security, managing your policies, best practices, and remediation are also key elements to successful cloud security. Organizations need to provide stakeholders high levels of assurance that the organization’s assets are secure. 

Organizations need to ensure their documentation of policies and best practices remains up-to-date, understand their service-level agreements with their provider, and make quick remediations to any issues. 

Our team can provide the strategy, solutions, and expertise to make your cloud security strategy and deployment successful.

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