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Cisco Meraki

Customer Need

  1. 11 locations were connected using MPLS and dedicated T1 circuits that were expensive
  2. The locations’ connectivity couldn’t be centrally managed
  3. Client’s existing connectivity provider would only support the equipment provided by them. Those configurations were static, and didn’t support a move away from MPLS and/or T1



  1. Meraki MX Firewalls with internet connections, avoiding MPLS and T1
  2. Two MX100 Firewalls provided redundant connectivity at the main IT office
  3. (11) MX64 Firewalls were shipped to individual locations, installed by their staff, and remotely implemented by an s4nets’s engineer

s4nets worked with a manufacturing company to review their current Wide Area Network (WAN), and to recommend and implement an enhanced solution to better connect the client’s remote offices to their headquarters, as well as with each other. The client has (11) locations around the country that needed to be connected back to the central IT office.


  1. Using Meraki MX Firewalls to provide software-defined connectivity provided the client with centralized management and control over how individual sites were managed
  2. The Return on Investment (ROI) for removing MPLS and T1 circuits and moving to SD-WAN paid for the hardware and implementation services in 5 months

Wireless Networks


June 23, 2017